As a business, we have a responsibility to do what we can in order to protect our planet and the people living on it. At aim’n we set our standards high to only work with suppliers that align with our values. It’s so important for us that our products are made in an ethical, environmentally friendly ways and that we are in control of the full supply chain. 

We’re not a fast fashion brand - we make long-lasting, high-quality products with long quality material. All our materials are ethically sourced and most come from local sources close to our factories. We are only working with suppliers that take this responsible seriously and who complies with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 along several other initiatives.

There is ongoing work and development to make our products from recycled materials. We are proud to have released our first tights and tops made partly of recycled material (73% recycled polyester) made from used plastic bottles and fishing nets. 

Future aim: All future developments are demanded to have a sustainable choice. Therefore will the amount of sustainable garments grow. Our aim is also to use recycled material in our core products so that our actions have an even greater impact on the environment.

OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 - is an independent test and certification system for all types of textiles tested for harmful substances.

Polyamide: O-Tex 100 / Polyester:  O-Tex 100 / Elastane:  O-Tex 100

CORE FABRIC: Our custom-made Polyester/Spandex mix fabric (both dyes and sublimation) has passed the REACH test to ensure high fabric quality with harmless substances.

RECYCLED POLYESTER - used plastic bottles and old fishing nets are first being cleaned and sterilised and then chopped into chips. The chips are heated and made into strings of yarn that are wound up into spools to form fibre. The yarn is then knitted into fabric.

It takes around 10-25 used plastic bottles per tights, depending on how much percentage of recycled material the composition is. 

Recycled polyester: Global Recycled Standard (GRS) 4.0


At aim’n we set our standards high to only work with suppliers that align with our values. It’s so important for us that our products are made in an ethical, environmentally friendly way and that we are in control of the full supply chain.

Most of our products are manufactured in China outside the highly developed areas Shanghai and Shenzhen where living standards are high and continue to increase rapidly. 

In order to maintain a high standard of working conditions, quality of products and remuneration, we do regular visits to our factories. Our in-house Production Manager and Quality Controllers make sure that everything we do is according to our criterias and standards. With a team based in China, we feel really comfortable in having control in everything we do.  


Our suppliers hold a high standard in general and have documented reports of BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) and SGS (Société Générale de Surveillance) from external audits. We strive to build close and long-lasting relationships with two-sided communication and mutual respect. 

It's a win-win co-operation between aim'n and suppliers as we apply Swedish standards to our manufacturing partners which help suppliers to re-organise the production line and raise their awareness of top quality, advanced R&D team, complete QC process, better working environment. As aim'n is growing, suppliers also accommodate us and grow with us along the way.

There is ongoing work and development with our suppliers to make production more sustainable and efficient. All product reclamations are tracked and reported in order to identify what can be improved to keep the highest quality of manufacturing on every single piece.

Products are shipped from production in China to our warehouses in Sweden and New Zealand. Our ambition is to transport all imports by ocean and rail and avoid airfreight as much as possible. Out of total imported volume in 2020, 95% was shipped by boat or train and 5% by air. 

Future aim: 99% of imports transported by ocean & rail.

Our packaging standards start from when our products are made and packed at suppliers. We always optimise space to have cartons fully packed and use as little waste materials as possible. Recycled material is a preferred choice whenever it's possible for packaging and accessories. 

Future aim: All packaging made of recycled materials. Eliminate the use of new plastic and only use recycled plastic.

Every order that is sent from our warehouses to our customers are packed in courier-bags made of 100% recycled plastics that can be recycled again.  

All of our tights and sports bras are packed in ziplock-bags made of 100% recycled plastics that can be recycled again. The ziplock-bags can be sealed unlimited times so if you need to return any products, they can be returned in the bag you got them in, eliminating the need for another plastic bag. Our ziplock-bags are designed to be reused for any purpose you find it suitable for. They are really handy for organising and protecting clothing when travelling, storing knick-knacks around the house and stashing sweating gear in your bag after a workout. If you have any more uses for these, please post on your social media as we love sharing them with the #aimntribe!

Future aim: All sizes of product ziplock bags made of 100% recycled material that can be reused or recycled over and over again.

We strive to always consider the most environmentally friendly options as the basic foundation. It's not only good for customers, but also good for our beautiful planet <3