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Gym shirts

At aim'n, we have a wide selection of women's gym tops available for you to choose from. Show more

Each gym shirt is created with care, using only the very best materials to ensure comfort during your gym session. Not only that, but we offer a range of different styles and colours to meet your every need.

Why choose aim'n gym shirts?

Our women's gym shirts are all created with your comfort in mind. Any top you choose is designed using moisture-wicking fabric to help keep you dry as you get active. Better yet, they're made out of our special Ribbed Seamless fabric to help avoid any chafing as you move. Depending on the women's gym top you choose, our shirts are loose or tight-fitting - make sure you choose one that meets your activity type.

Which type of gym shirts do you need?

This is entirely up to you! But most importantly, you should choose gym shirts that make you comfortable during your training session. You'll find that we have a huge catalogue of gym shirts, and they all come in a range of colours and sizes.

What makes the best gym tops?

As a leading Swedish sportswear designer, we make it our business to ensure our gym T-shirts for women are the best. But, what makes them the best? Well, first, we're a company created by women for women, so we know how to design the perfect gym shirts for you. Whether you want figure-hugging or something looser, we've got it.

Just because you're in a gym doesn't mean you don't want to look good, so our tops are perfect for all body types too. We don't take our work lightly, and we've got something that will show off your arms without being too tight under them!

Take a look at our collection of gym shirts now.

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