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During May we do not offer size exchanges due to our Warehouse sale. Sometimes, things don't turn out as desired.
Enter your order number and email address in the box below.
Then select the reason code that best fits the product.
The customer is responsible for the return costs themselves.

Frequently asked questions

We cannot provide the customer with a return label. You pick the suitable return way where you live. And you can inform our support team that a return is sent. Save receipt if we need to track a return. Send this to:
aimn crew
You stand for the return costs yourself. But the required size will be shipped for free to you. And you keep the same price of course. If you want to exchange to a new product or a new color you can contact our support team for assistance.
Sorry to hear that the exchange did not fit as desired. When we sent your new size, you received a confirmation of the "new" order number. The new number looks like your first one, with the addition of -01 at the end. This number should now be used to log in in the box below.
We handle your return in 3 weeks. You will receive an e-mail confirmation that the return has been handled. If you have paid by card, it will take a couple of banking days before the money appears in your account. If you have paid with a gift card, the same gift card will primarily be refunded and can be used on a new order.
We are sorry to hear that you have experienced a faulty product. To make a claim, log in with your order number and email in the box below. Select Claim (at the bottom) and then the appropriate reason. You will need to attach a clear image showing the error. Our Customer Happiness team will contact you within 48 hours to process the claim and find a good solution together.

Read more about returns in our FAQ or contact our Customer Happiness Team by e-mailing