Sports Bras & Training Bras


Sports bras & training bras

Our quality and comfortable sports bras can make all the difference when you do the sports activities you love. Show more

Here at aim'n, we design the best bras for sports using high-quality materials. They'll help you feel more confident and make you look good too. We've got the latest designs in different sizes, so you're bound to find the sports bra that suits you best. Our brand is created by women, for women, so we know what works!

What makes aim'n sports bras unique?

aim'n sports bras are comfortable to wear, so you won't feel any itching or discomfort when doing your favourite workout routine. They are designed using compressive and moisture-wicking fabric, making them the perfect training bra and sexy sports bra for women. That's not all! They also have cushioned underwires, or under bands with padded straps, so you can use them conveniently and happily as a gym bra for high-impact exercises.

If you practice lower impact sports, we also have a product sortiment to match those needs. For example, our comfortable, top-quality yoga bra will make you feel confident as you assume any yoga posture. These bras don't feel too tight or too loose but are like a second skin, allowing you to push yourself and twist your body the way you want. These low and medium supportive sports bras are also soft, supportive and very breathable.

What sizes and colours are sports bras from aim’n in?

Our sports bras are available in many different sizes and colours. From a small size to a plus size sports bra, we have them all in the latest designs and styles. Not a fan of plain colour women's sports bras? Not a problem! Check out our range of fun prints. At aim'n, we pay attention to the minutest details to ensure that you get the very best quality sport bra.

What materials are aim'n sports bras made of?

We are a leading Swedish sportswear brand and great designers of sports bras. So we only use the very best materials for our products. Whether it's a padded sports bra or a longline sports bra, we only use high-quality fabrics like polyester, cotton, and lycra spandex, which are soft and have excellent shape retention and support qualities.

What makes the best sports bras?

The best sports bra is the one that offers you the best breast support while you exercise. From sexy crop top bras to hard-core training bras, you need comfort so go for a sports bra made from compressive and moisture-wicking fabric. But most importantly, your bra must provide great support, helping you keep your breasts snug to prevent movement. At aim'n, all our bras offer these features and more. Take a look at our great range today!

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