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No matter what sports you're interested in, here at aim'n, we've got you covered. All our women's gym wear is designed with your comfort in mind. So, we use high-quality material that feels great no matter what sports you're doing. We pride ourselves as a gym wear AU company designed by women to address the needs of women on matters of gym outfits! We understand what women need, and we go the extra mile to deliver on that.

Are you looking for comfortable women’s gym clothes?

Comfort is essential when getting started or continuing in your favourite physical activities. Our brand of gym clothes for women uses moisture-wicking fabric for the perfect workout material. Not only that, but our gym clothes are designed to be form-fitting, supportive and flexible, allowing you a full range of movement.

What is aim’n gym wear made of? 

As you look through our gym wear collection, consider a range of different criteria to find what works for you. As a starting point, we've made sure that every gym wear in our store is made from quality material. Our clothes are made of a mixture of polyamide and elastane, which is both soft but incredibly flexible.

How does gym wear for women benefit your workout?

Our Swedish sportswear brand is all about making your gym workout as easy as possible. With that in mind, we use seamless designs on every gym wear so that there's no irritation or rubbing when you move. On top of that, we use a flexible four-way knitted ribbed fabric that helps to support your body when you move.

We understand that there are different activities, and that's why we work hard to ensure we have gym wear to suit your needs. Additionally, we offer our gym clothes for women in a range of different sizes and colours so not only will you feel comfortable, you'll look pretty too!

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