Gym Leggings & Gym Tights


Gym leggings & gym tights

Tights for gym workouts should be made of functional fabrics that offer great support, flexibility, stretch and moisture management, assuring they don’t rip or slide down during a HIIT workout. Shop our aim’n tights that are perfect for all your favourite workout sessions. Show more

The right pair of women's gym leggings can make all the difference when you're hitting the gym. At aim'n, we are ready to help you out with our range of different legging options. All our gym leggings are created with high-quality materials designed to keep you comfortable and dry throughout your session. They are carefully crafted to fit a woman's body – no matter which size or body type you have. 

Which waist-fit should you go for on your gym leggings? 

The style of women’s fitness leggings you choose to wear comes down to you. At aim'n, we have a great selection of high waisted gym tights that support your tummy when you move. But we also have lower waist options too for those that prefer support across the hips.

How flexible are aim'n gym leggings?

Our gym leggings for women are super flexible. That's thanks to the fabric combinations we use. On top of that, we use seamless technology to avoid any chaffing when you move. Think luxury, and that's us!

Originating in Sweden, we also ensure that our gym tights give you an elegant shape by creating an aerodynamic silhouette. Add in our super soft 4-way stretch fabric and you're on to a winner.

Are gym tights from aim’n comfortable?

Comfort is something we take very seriously when we are making our gym leggings. We understand how frustrating it can get when you have a pair of women’s gym leggings that make you uncomfortable during your training sessions.

We have modelled our designs around flexible and stretching materials allowing you proper and complete movements when training. Coming in both full and three-quarter length, these are made from our Care fabric. This means they have great stretch and recovery features in place. Our products come in different shapes and sizes, meaning there is always something for anyone. Our high waisted gym leggings for women stay elastic for a very long time, and you don't have to worry about them getting loose or wearing down.

Check out our range of gym tights for women today!

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