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our tights are designed to take you effortlessly from brunch to burpees. Shop our softest tights that keep you comfortable and on trend, no matter what your day has in store.

Get your workouts off to a cracking start when you get the right pair of women's leggings from aim'n. Our Swedish sportswear company has a whole range of exciting leggings and tights for you to use no matter the activity you're going to be doing. And don't forget, our leggings are so comfy you can use them in the house too.

What makes a great pair of women’s workout leggings?

When it comes to working out, flexibility is key. This means you need to find workout leggings that have a lot of giving and stretch to them. Not only that, but your leggings must help keep you dry during your workouts.

Additionally, they should also offer support in all the right places, which in return allows you to feel comfortable when working out. Lastly, the best women’s sportswear tights are those that are soft and comfortable no matter the exercise you're doing.

Why should you choose aim'n leggings?

With all that in mind, aim'n has some of the best tights for women out there. Our sports tights are made using a breathable, sweat-wicking fabric that will keep you comfortable throughout the length of your exercise. They also use our unique seamless fabric, complete with a ribbed structure for added comfort. Not only does this mean you avoid that uncomfortable chafing, but it also has strong shape retention properties, springing back to shape after numerous washes.

Are aim'n leggings durable?

We take the quality of our products seriously, and you should rest assured that all our women’s leggings have an impressive lifespan on them. We sort through the materials and only choose those that have been proven to last longer, no matter how often you use them.

What sizes and colours are aim'n leggings for women?

aim'n was started by women, with women specifically in mind. Because of this, we know that everyone is in a different shape. However, with our leggings, we make sure that everyone can find a beautiful fit. To that end, we have a vast array of different sizes and leg lengths available. Also, comfort is something that we take seriously, and we have extended this feature to our leggings, even with our plus size leggings.

All our sports leggings come in a variety of colours too, including:

With such stunning, silky colours, you're going to look good in the gym or lounging at home. Please take a look at our collection now! 
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