Bike shorts for women


Bike shorts for women

Hopping on your bike and going for a ride has never been easier when you wear aim'n biker shorts. Show more

However, no matter what activity you plan on doing in our women’s bike shorts, we want you to feel you very best. 

We offer a range of different biker shorts so that women like you will find them as comfortable and stylish as possible. Comfort is key here, especially if you're going on a long ride in hotter weather. 

Why are aim'n bike shorts great?

There are many reasons why our Swedish sportswear brand stands out with our short, midi, and long bike shorts. Kicking things off, they are all made from high-quality but soft fabrics. With your legs spinning, you need something gentle. Better still, these are so supple that they feel like a second skin.

The material stretches nicely for a full range of movement as well as having good recovery to keep these women’s bike shorts working optimally. It can get hot too, but thanks to the moisture-wicking properties, you're not going to get too sweaty.

Are aim'n bike shorts good for speed?

Thanks to the streamlined look of all our bike shorts, women wearing aim'n will have a stunningly aerodynamic form. You'll cut through the air nicely as you bike along in our ribbed bike shorts.

Need to make sure you're supported? Never fear for aim'n offers high waisted bike shorts with a wide waistband. This provides that little extra support as you spin, whether in the gym or on the road.

Can you look good in bike shorts?

Of course, you can, especially in ours! That's because our team has created a more feminine touch on these bike shorts. While some of our products in this line are long - finishing above the knee - we've added some extra flourishes for some of them as well, including a frilled design for a delightfully feminine twist.

Our bike shorts also utilise a triangle gusset, which means that there's some extra strength in them, perfect for more active use. There's no popping of seams here, nor will they be riding up to give you a wedgie on your bike ride any time soon!

What colours and sizes are aim'n bike shorts?

aim'n was created by women for women, which means that we cater to all body shapes and sizes. You can find a selection of bike shorts in all styles, including bike shorts in plus size. No matter the size, the quality remains the same, offering you full support and comfort.

Please take a look at our biker shorts and choose from a range of different colours to match your outfit!

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