10 Tips to help you workout better with the Base Body Babes

  1. Lift Weights - Strength training done the right way provides greater results than any other form of exercise. It increases bone density, builds lean muscle mass, which boosts your metabolism and helps you burn more calories throughout the day and keep your body fit, healthy, strong and functioning well.  Whether the goal is to get fit and healthy, lose fat, build muscle, rehabilitate injury, get strong, improve sports performance, gain confidence, or generally have better quality of life, lifting weights is so empowering. So get onto it babes!


  1. Use Correct Technique- Learn to lift with correct technique. This will reduce your chances of injury, and help you get the best results possible. Remember babes, we want quality, not quantity! 


  1. Follow a Program - Follow an intelligently designed training program and focus on progression. If you want to make a change to your body, you need to learn how to progress in the gym and make your body to do what it couldn’t do before. If you keep doing what your body can already do, your body doesn't need to change. So every week you should aim to achieve more than you did the week before by either adding a bit more weight to the movement or performing more reps or sets. You’ll be amazed at how strong you can get! We usually like to follow programs for 4 weeks at a time, to ensure that we get the most out of that program and then change before our body adapts.


  1. Fuel Your Body - Eat a well balanced diet of healthy and nutritious foods and keep hydrated with water to ensure you have the energy you need to perform to the best of your ability both in and out of the gym. 


  1. Rest & Recover - Taking enough rest between each set is what will actually allow you to push yourself hard when you are performing each exercise. If strength is your main focus, then we recommend resting for 3-5 minutes between each working set. If you cut your rest short then you might not be fully recovered and able to perform at your best for the next set. For circuit training days, we take shorter rest periods between our sets (approx. 1.5-3mins) to keep our heart rates up, but still make sure we take the time at the end of each round to recover. And of course, make sure you get enough sleep every night to get the most of your workouts and life. 


  1. Create positive energy when you exercise - listen to uplifting music, get an encouraging and supportive training partner, workout outdoors; the sun, the air, the water are amazing energy boosters and will always make you feel better about working out.


  1. Warm Up - If your goal is strength, your warmup should be specific to the strength tasks you are about to perform. We start all of our sessions with a core activation routine first. These exercises prime the muscles around the spine so that they are more engaged during the workout. This not only makes us stronger, but ensures we are moving safely and minimising our risk of injury. After this, we like to move onto some movement-specific warmups. It’s important that you never jump straight into heavy weights babes! For example - if you are doing a squat session, start by performing a few sets of bodyweight squats, then slowly work your way up in weight increments until you are up to the weight allocated for your squats in that session. Follow this same approach for any exercise that you train. By using a smart warmup approach, you will set yourself up for the strongest and safest workout possible, so make sure you never skip a proper warmup!


  1. Success Breeds Success - Acknowledge and praise yourself for your performance in the gym. This will help you build self confidence and the more confidence we have in our ability to achieve, the more we want to continue to succeed. Our favourite way of doing this is by setting strength goals, rather than focusing on fat loss goals which aren't very quickly visible. We motivate people by getting them strong and as a result their bodies start to transform aesthetically too- to put it simply it is far easier to add a kilogram or more of weight per week on the barbell and successfully lift it than it is to lose a kilogram of body fat on the scales per week. This is our favourite way to see results, encourage a more positive exercise mindset and get us excited for our workouts.


  1. Get a Gym Buddy- As sisters we really motivate each other. If there is a day when one of us isn’t feeling as motivated, we can count on the other person to lift us up. Having someone to support you and have fun with while you train always helps keep you motivated and on track to getting stronger. 


  1. Be Consistent - Results are not achievable without the work being put in, so workout, fuel your body and recover well consistently by finding methods you enjoy and maintain them for life.